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Our Mission

Our policy is to manufacture high quality medicines which can effectively contribute to the health and well being of ailing masses.

The state of the art manufacturing facility with allied facilities, highly technical, well experienced and true professional staff is the forerunners of quality management program which is mandatory under the current Good Manufacturing Practices and the Drugs Act, 1976. 


Our Vision

All the activities including manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance have the direct impact on the quality and efficacy of finished products. A well organized, properly documented system based on scientific grounds needs to be devised for the achievement of high quality pharmaceuticals.



For sustainable development, environment protection is the main objective. Therefore, during all the business activities it is mandatory to assess the environmental risks and accordingly eliminate or minimize  any impact on environment. Hence, on one end we have the objective to comply to National and International laws and one end and  to rethink to devise procedures/ protocols beyond regulations to protect the environment.  



Our Marketing Department is highly professional, veteran and devoted team of individuals who conduct marketing activities and surveillance to identify changing customer's needs, scrutinize new opportunities, monitor rival's tactics and then develop appropriate strategies.Our marketing activities are chiefly  focused to the academic needs of our customers. We are working almost all regions at domestic level & have earned unmatched fame in very short period of time.

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