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Introduction Minimize
Warafana Pharmaceuticals is a newly established Pharmaceutical Unit located at plot # 125,126,127 Kahuta Road, Industrial Triangle, Islamabad. Warafana Pharmaceuticals is a unique unit in the sense that is has the widest covered area for its production facility, stores and Quality Control Department. While it has got successful inspection of its eight section at time of inspection for license
Production Facility Minimize

Production department has following sections:

  1. General Tablet Section
  2. Capsule Section
  3. Sachet Section
  4. Cream Ointment Section
  5. Ampoule Section
  6. Dry Vial Section(Ceph)
  7. Dry Suspension Section(Ceph)
  8. Capsule Section(Ceph)


Store Minimize
  1. Material Receiving Bay
  2. Packing Material Quarantine
  3. Raw Material Quarantine
  4. Bottle Store
  5. Raw Material Store
  6. Packing Material Store
  7. Rejection Recall
  8. Finished Goods Store
  9. Liquid Store
  10. Dispensing Rooms
  11. Controlled Areas
Quality Control Department Minimize
  1. Chemical Hall
  2. Instrument Room
  3. R & D
  4. Microbiology Lab
Quality Control Department is equipped with latest version of modern technology equipments like:
1 HPLC Agilent U.S.A
2 Spectrophotometer Spekol Germany
3 Karl Fischer Titrent Switzerland
4 pH Meter Switzerland
5 Muffal Furnace U.S.A
6 Balances Shimadzoo Japan
7 Tablet Testing Equipments Guoming China etc